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Too often many women experience hard times. Especially single moms or women starting over.  A workshop like this gives them hope and courage to step out and say “I need  help”.  We create a safe place for women to come and get honest about their lives. We offer sponsorship and share our experience, strength and hope. They will learn they do not have to do it alone.

For every $70 you donate one woman gets the chance to attend.

For many women this a turning point in their life.  They learn to connect spiritually with a higher power and start to pull the broken pieces of their lives back together. 

Listen to what some of those women have done:

I attended the workshop on a scholarship and found a more spiritual path I never knew existed. Now God guides me daily and not my stinking thinking.

I had always wanted to learn to meditate and I got the opportunity for free at one of the breakout groups.  I learned Prayer is when I talk to God, meditating is when I listen…

Each $70 scholarship donated can actually save one woman’s life. It can put her on the right path with the right group of people to allow her to grow into the woman she dreams of becoming.

Please feel free to give several scholarships.

Can’t give an entire scholarship?  Every dollar counts toward raising enough money for a scholarship. Your donation is greatly appreciated.

Donate to Scholarship

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