Apply for a Jer-Don Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Registrations are not issued until 8 weeks prior to the workshop. Check back  to find the email address of the committee members who have scholarship money and contact them directly. Filling out a form now goes to the spam folder.  Scholarship forms are honored after the committee member reports to the treasurer the name of the recipient. You portion of the scholarship must be submitted or the scholarship will be reissued.

Other Sponsorship Ideas to Insure you never miss another workshop!!!!

For now, Please consider setting aside $28 for 5 months, your workshop will be paid for.

Scholarships are limited to a lifetime so please only request one when you have no other options.

Let friends and family sponsor you. Ask for donations toward your retreat for Mother’s Day, your birthday, Christmas, or any other special day someone close wants to give you a gift. You can start sending in your money toward your registration at any time.

NEW Scholarship Registration

  • Our Scholarship program pays for half of the registration fee. A woman is allowed 2 scholarship in her life time. In order for you to receive the scholarship you need to agree to pay a balance of $65.00.

    Please do not make any payments until you have heard from one of the scholarship committee women.

    Applications that do not include your agreement to pay half of the scholarship will not be accepted.
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